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mahjong toy chest mahjong toy chest

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Mahjong Toy Chest Game

About Mahjongg Toy Chest

This variation of mahjong is likely to transport you back to your youth! Enjoy the nostalgic sensation you get when playing Mahjongg Toy Chest! In this famous matching game, you may channel your inner child. Match the animated toy tiles against the time. Extra points are awarded for matching the same tiles twice in a row!

How to Play?

The aim of Mahjongg Toy Chest, like other traditional mahjong solitaire games, is to match all of the tiles pair by pair. You can only match tiles that have at least one free side on the left or right. If you get stuck, use the hint or undo buttons. Each suit of tiles has a distinct value assigned to matches, and guitar tiles will scramble the remaining tiles, arbitrarily flipping them around. You also gain additional points for unlocking trophies, which will appear as you locate them. In this fun variant of Mahjongg Solitaire, you have 5 minutes to clean up all of the toys in the playroom.

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