Mahjongg Alchemy

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mahjongg alchemy mahjongg alchemy

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4.6/5 - (5 votes)
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Mahjongg Alchemy Game

Mahjong Alchemy is an alchemy-themed tile-matching game aims game. Solve the game’s unique puzzles by becoming a tile alchemist. You’ll have to complete the board before the time runs out, so be sure you can solve puzzles quickly!

Game Description

Fans of Mahjong solitaire games will like Mahjong Alchemy. Before the timer runs out, you must solve a difficult combination of tiles. Despite the timer, Mahjong Alchemy remains a relatively relaxed game. There’s no music to distract you from answering problems, and 15 minutes every round is a decent length for a game while you unwind.

How to Play?

The game’s core principle is straightforward if you’re new to Mahjong. Remove tiles by matching two of the same kind. You should be able to do so as long as no other tiles are in your way. The difficult part is identifying the identical tiles among a sea of similar-looking tiles. It’s difficult to comprehend.

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