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4.7/5 - (4 votes)
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About Mahjong Quest

Three terrifying dragons have escaped! Could they have been summoned by an old tile-matching game? If that’s the case, the only way to remove their curse and restore the Empire to its former glory is to answer all of Mahjong Quest’s riddles! Travel to four stunning oriental settings, each with a unique style of playing the tiles and calming music to complement the mood. A range of special power-ups is provided by the unique “Quest” tiles. Mahjong Quest has 48 levels that are both tough and pleasant.

Instructions how to play

Choose one of the four Asian wind directions and embark on a journey in this exciting Mahjong game. There are 48 tough stages, each with its unique layout and soothing Eastern background music, which you may leave off if you wish. Some tiles in the game feature a special power-up facility that you may utilize to solve the game faster. This may be quite handy because you are often playing against the clock or have to obtain a set amount of points: each level presents a new and fascinating challenge.

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