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Mahjong Gardens Game

Description of the Mahjong Gardens

Mahjong Gardens game takes you closer to illuminating all 12 zodiac symbols. When you do, the lovely Drake the Dragon matures a full year. Continue to play to see his transformation from a helpless egg to a formidable dragon. Match comparable season tiles to transform your yard from snowy winter to brilliant spring and beyond. Completing all four seasons in a single problem will get you bonus points.

Rules to Follow

Mahjong Gardens is a solo mahjong puzzle game. You’re removing tiles from the board by matching them up. Pairing includes a few rules, such as not being able to pair tiles if one of the two tiles does not have one open edge and one of the tiles should not be beneath any other tile. The game is over when all of the tiles have been matched, or when you have used up all of your moves and shuffles. Mahjong Gardens has several features to assist you in making the game simpler to play. Simply use the arrow buttons on the bottom left of the screen to examine the board from a different perspective. You may also click the Hint button to see one pair of tiles that you can delete.

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