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Mahjong Connect Game

Mahjong Connect is a free puzzle game in which you must match tiles to complete the puzzle. If you’re looking for some alone gaming time or a psychologically stimulating challenge, this is the game for you. Before the timer runs out, join pairings that are next to one other and on the board’s outside edge. MahJongCon is another term for the game.

About Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect is a solitary game, which means it can only be played by one person. Although Mahjong solitaire is not the same as traditional Chinese Mahjong, it does employ the same traditional tile graphics. Mahjong solitaire comes in a variety of forms, some of which entail shuffling tiles and others that contain “wildcard” tiles that have specific capabilities outside of the usual game.

How to Play?

You must remove all of the tiles from a Mahjong Connect board to complete it. By recognizing pairs of tiles and clicking on them, either adjacently or around the board’s boundaries, you can eliminate them. You must complete this task before the timer at the bottom of the screen runs out.

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