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Do you like playing Mahjong but not always win? If you have any questions left about this popular game we are answering them in advance. Check this page about Mahjong and get if you did it right before.

What is online Mahjong/Solitaire game?

This is a very Popular game, millions of people plays it worldwide. Mahjong is made to develop your attentiveness and to sharpen your sight.

Current version of online Mahjong was invented not a long time ago. When people started developing computer games this was of the first games to make. It is simple to program and to play, so people from all over the world love it and keep playing it till now too.

How to play Mahjong game?

The rules of the game are quite easy. The player sees a gaming field filled with tiles. The main aim is to clean it up to win or to go to the next level. You have to collect twin units to do it. Every time you see similar tiles you have to tap it and the pair will disappear. Online free Mahjong games

Each full screen mahjong game is unique. Units of every game are made in relation to the theme. It can be Dimensions, Classic Titans, a cartoon, cartoons, holidays etc. Listen to the music as well. It is made to courage you to play faster or vice versa to relax you when you are about to spend some spare time playing.

Most Solitaire games are having a time limit. You need to watch it carefully in order to win faster or to go to the next level. When skills are improved, you may compete with your friends and become the Mahjong master.

How to play Mahjong Full Screen?

We have made a convenient way to turn on the full screen mode. Every game has a big button “Play Full Screen” on the right upper corner, so please use it to feel the full range of colors.

Here is the button on the example of the Mahjong remix game.

Full screen Mahjong shot

But also there is another way to turn fullscreen mode. When you play there are always some buttons available for you, like pause, shuffle or full screen mode. All these buttons are usually surrounding the gaming field.

Here is one of such button on the example of the free Mahjong Celtic game.

Full screen mode of Solitaire

Press the button and the game will take the whole screen of your device whether it is Mobile, PC and Tablet.

What are the tiles group of the game?

There is used a standard set of chips for mahjong. It usually contains 144 chips of three types: suits, trumps and flowers.


There are three suits:

  1. Dots.
  2. Bamboos
  3. Symbols (Kit. Tun, Chao, Wan, Jap. Pin, So: Man).
Mahjong tiles

Mahjong tiles: dots, bamboos, symbols

Each of them are numbered from one to nine. Four pieces each. Every kind.

Oners (elder bones, trumps)

Those do not various by the number of items, depicted on the chip. They are unique and one of a kind:

  • Three Dragons (Red, White, Green). Four pieces of each kind.
  • Four winds (Western,  Southern, Easterns, Northern). Four pieces of each kind.
Trupms and Flowers Mahjong

Trupms and Flowers Mahjong

These items you can combine with any of the type, no matter the picture is different. Chips are also divided by two groups:

  1. Flowers (plum, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo). One of each kind.
  2. Seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall). One of each kind.

How often do we add New Games?

We are working really hard for you, our beloved visitor, we look for, develop and make up new themes, topics and dimensions for new Online Mahjong Games so you can play it for free in full screen mode and on every device.

There are groups of times with different pictures on them that you can collect in pair, why?

Yes, there is a group of Elder Bones which you can easily collect in between the group no matter the picture. Thee is The “What are the tiles group of the game?” question upon. It will give you a full answer.

Why the game does not work?

Check the Internet connection first, if everything is fine just try to reboot the page. We believe all possible issues are temporary.